Zig Zag Man Lithograph

Zig Zag Man Lithograph
Lithograph Details
A play on rolling papers, the Zig Zag Man litho was so popular that it quickly became the most highly pirated of all the Family Dog designs. This caused Bill Graham and the Family team to create a "Genuine Counterfeit" stamp which they stamped on as many as of the fakes as they could. The irony behind the piracy - the print contains the phrase "What you don't know about copying and duplicating won't hurt you."
Size: 22 3/4" x 30", Sheet Measurements: 27" x 37.5"
Certification: Signed by Mouse and Kelley

Behind the Artwork
Artists originally produced only 500 limited edition prints, each numbered 1/500 to 500/500. Authentic artists signatures located on bottom of print.
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